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Sun 14th Dec 2014 - By: Turban
Thunder (TWLJ), Dudgeon (TWLB) and Fierce (TWLD) are our Season 19 champions. Congratulations!

Sun 7th Dec 2014 - By: Turban
This season is almost over as we only have two teams remaining in each league. These coming games are going to be Best of Five series with one of the teams starting with a 1-0 lead due to them never dropping to the Loser's Bracket. Basing is going to be a time race to 15 minutes.

Good luck to all teams.

Playoffs start this week
Sun 9th Nov 2014 - By: Turban
TWLJ and TWLD will be Best of Three series. TWLB will be Time Race to 20 Minutes.

We are using a double elimination setting for the playoffs. You can find more information about it on the forums.

Hard Lock Reminder
Mon 20th Oct 2014 - By: Turban
Another reminder, hard lock will take effect after the final match of Round 6.

Royal replaced by Juans in TWLD
Sun 12th Oct 2014 - By: Turban
We have removed Royal from the TWLD competition due to them receiving their second warning in the league as per the third rule of 3.05a. Royal will have until the end of this week to fix their TWL roster to meet their new roster limit which is 20 players for a two-league squad. We may not take futher action on their captains (see section 4 of 3.05a) as these rules are currently being rewritten.

In order to keep the season running smoothly, we have extended an invitation to Juans which they have accepted and will act as a replacement squad. Juans will start their TWLD season with a 0-0 score.

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