Season 18
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Pandora vs. Fierce
» Sun Mar 30th 5:00pm
» Sun Mar 30th 5:00pm (EST)
Fierce vs. Pandora
» Sun Mar 30th 5:00pm
» Sun Mar 30th 5:00pm (EST)
Times Shown In EST Time/Zone.

dicE vs. Pandora
» 41 - 50 (Played)

dicE vs. Pandora
» 44 - 50 (Played)

Pandora vs. dicE
» 39 - 50 (Played)

Times Shown In EST Time/Zone.

dicE vs. Pandora
» Scheduling
dicE vs. Pandora
» 15:54 - 20:00 (Played)

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TWL – Main

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TWLD Leaders
Rank Squad W L +/-
1. Fierce 7 0 7
2. Pandora 6 1 5
3. Value 5 2 3
4. Wolf 4 3 1

TWLJ Leaders
Rank Squad W L +/-
1. Fierce 6 1 5
2. Value 6 1 5
3. dicE 5 2 3
4. Pandora 5 2 3

TWLB Leaders
Rank Squad W L +/-
1. dicE 6 1 5
2. Pandora 6 1 5
3. Enemy 6 1
4. Value 3 4 -1


All Star Ballots
Thu 20th Feb 2014 - By: Tiny
The All Star ballots have been posted via forums. We encourage everyone to participate. Have fun!

Replacement Squads
Sun 16th Feb 2014 - By: Tiny
Enemy has replaced Cougars in TWLJ - Starting Week 5

Lightning Strike has replaced Savanger in TWLD - Starting Week 6

TWL Week 4 Postponed
Tue 28th Jan 2014 - By: Tiny
Week 4, February 2, of TWL will be postponed for the Super Bowl. Play will commence the following week.

TWL Underway
Thu 9th Jan 2014 - By: Tiny
Congratulations to Value and Warhable on making it into TWLB!

This weekend commences the first regular season games of Season 18! Also, get in on the TWLM action by logging in and clicking on the TWLM button above. You don't want to miss out on the fun and prizes.

If you happen to miss the games, please make your way to our Hot or Not section to see what you've missed! This weekend we will start recording "Games of the week" and adding commentary, which will also be posted with the HoN. Enjoy!

TWL Update
Fri 3rd Jan 2014 - By: Tiny
This weekend starts the Preseason to Season 18!

Also, please join us this weekend while we have a tourney for the TWLB final spot! It starts at 4pm EST. This will be hosted by Reckful, and if you have any questions, contact him or any of the TWL staff!

*Don't forget to pick your TWLM team! TWLM will be running again this year thanks to Ardour! Please thank him when you see him. Login Monday after preseason to pick your teams and bet!

Stay Classy TW!

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