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TWLDPre-Season 1
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TWLJPre-Season 1
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TWLBPre-Season 1
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TWLD Leaders
Rank Squad W L +/-
1. Cobra 0 0
2. dicE 0 0
3. Dynasty 0 0
4. Force 0 0

TWLJ Leaders
Rank Squad W L +/-
1. Cobra 0 0
2. dicE 0 0
3. Dynasty 0 0
4. Force 0 0

TWLB Leaders
Rank Squad W L +/-
1. Cobra 0 0
2. dicE 0 0
3. Force 0 0
4. Inducers 0 0


Mon 23rd Nov 2015 - By: Turban
BurN has managed to win all three leagues. Congratulations!

As for the next seasons plans, they are already underway with the starting date planned around April-May period.

Loser's Bracket Final Schedule
Mon 9th Nov 2015 - By: Turban

the schedule for the Loser's Final Brackets is now done.

All of these games will be played back to back starting with TWLJ at 2:00 PM EST, and the winner of that match will play against Dudgeon at 3:00 PM EST. That match is followed by Cobra vs LEGO at 3:30 PM EST in TWLB with the winner of the match going against Dudgeon at 4:30 PM. To finish it off, we will have the first TWLD match starting at 5:00 PM EST with the winner advancing to face Potenza at 6:00 PM EST.

However, there is a possibility that we will still adjust these times in case all teams request it. Stay tuned.

Playoffs and Scheduling
Wed 28th Oct 2015 - By: Turban

The playoffs start this weekend and we are allowing the teams to freely schedule their first two rounds of playoffs. As a reminder, all TWLD and TWLJ matches will be a Best of Three series, and TWLB will be a time race to 20 minutes.

We encourage the teams to be smart with their scheduling as you will, on average, need at least 40 minutes to complete a series. We will make the final adjustments when the scheduling closes to ensure that each team has enough time to finish their games.

You2be replaces Potenza in TWLB
Fri 2nd Oct 2015 - By: Turban
Potenza has been replaced by You2be in TWLB.

The roster limit for You2be has been raised up to 25 while the roster limit of Potenza has been lowered down to 20.

Please make sure you are within the roster limits to avoid any sanctions.

Squad Warning + Removal: Potenza
Sun 27th Sep 2015 - By: Turban
Potenza failed to show enough players to their TWLB match against Cobra, and has been warned. However, they also failed to show enough players to their next match and thus have been removed from the league.

We are now looking for a replacement squad for TWLB. Juans and You2be are the candidates for replacement squad.

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