Season 21
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dicE vs. Force
» 50 - 39 (Played)
dicE vs. Force
» 39 - 50 (Played)
dicE vs. Force
» 42 - 50 (Played)
Times Shown In EST Time/Zone.

Thunder vs. Cobra
» 41 - 50 (Played)
Thunder vs. Cobra
» 38 - 50 (Played)
Times Shown In EST Time/Zone.

Thunder vs. Cobra
» 12:40 - 15:00 (Played)
Thunder vs. Cobra
» 14:18 - 15:00 (Played)
Times Shown In EST Time/Zone.
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TWLD Leaders
Rank Squad W L +/-
1. dicE 15 4 11
2. Force 15 6 9
3. Cobra 15 7 8
4. Thunder 11 10 1

TWLJ Leaders
Rank Squad W L +/-
1. Thunder 19 2 17
2. Cobra 18 6 12
3. dicE 17 8 9
4. Force 14 9 5

TWLB Leaders
Rank Squad W L +/-
1. Cobra 12 5 7
2. Thunder 11 3 8
3. dicE 7 9 -2
4. LEGO 5 10 -5


Sun 5th Jun 2016 - By: Markmrw
Well pre-season was a success, everything worked and all the games went without a hitch, thank you to all who participated.

Do you need some more of that TWL action?!?
Read up on who's Hot and who's Not in TWLD - Preseason Hot or Not

Shout out to Lena for Hosting 6 games!!!!!!

Regular season starts Sunday 12th June

Mon 30th May 2016 - By: Markmrw
Hello all

Pre-season is almost upon us. Captains please schedule your games for the pre-season.

The schedule for the regular season is up, check it out here - TWL schedule

TWL 21 Starting 5th June 2016
Mon 30th May 2016 - By: Markmrw
TWL Season 21 will begin on Sunday 5th of June

Check the forums for the league structure and to see if your squad has been invited.

We are still looking for content creators for this season. If you are interested in writing Hot or Not's or a squad profile or recording matches or crunching stats or even a video commentary, please get in contact with one of the league operators.

- Markmrw

Mon 23rd Nov 2015 - By: Turban
BurN has managed to win all three leagues. Congratulations!

As for the next seasons plans, they are already underway with the starting date planned around April-May period.

Loser's Bracket Final Schedule
Mon 9th Nov 2015 - By: Turban

the schedule for the Loser's Final Brackets is now done.

All of these games will be played back to back starting with TWLJ at 2:00 PM EST, and the winner of that match will play against Dudgeon at 3:00 PM EST. That match is followed by Cobra vs LEGO at 3:30 PM EST in TWLB with the winner of the match going against Dudgeon at 4:30 PM. To finish it off, we will have the first TWLD match starting at 5:00 PM EST with the winner advancing to face Potenza at 6:00 PM EST.

However, there is a possibility that we will still adjust these times in case all teams request it. Stay tuned.

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